Corruption Bust Update

So, it turns out that my barber went to high school with Pete Cammarano, putting me a scant two degrees away from yesterday’s corruuption busts! More Jersey small-worldness…

Huge corruption busts going down in Hoboken

So, Hoboken’s brand new mayor Peter Cammarano and dozens of other officials just got arrested for corruption!  It sounds like they have him dead-to-rights… even accepting $10,000 from an undercover operative last Thursday.

According to the Times, Cammarano was quoted earlier in the investigation as saying

Right now, the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down. […]

Hah, small world

So, I’m at the wedding of one of Sheryl’s friends, and who do I see? Mr. Ollio, my 7th grade math / high school homeroom teacher! His crazy haircut hasn’t changed in the 9 years since I last saw him… it is good to know that you can still count on some things.

Testing out remote posting

Just wanted to test out remote posting to the site via MoBlog on my Samsung Epix.

If you can see this, it worked!

If you are looking for a mobile blogging application for your Windows Mobile based phone, check out MoBlog at for more information.

Launching the new site

Well, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.  I take a lot of pictures, wanted to keep my friends and family up to date on what’s going on with Sheryl and I lately, both good reasons to set up the new site.  I might do some more back-dated additions to include the pictures […]

Back from the range, malfunction seems to be gone

Just got back from the Bullet Hole after putting 350 rounds of different ammunition through my MKIII.  I had about 5 of the expected ejection problems (still waiting for my VQ extractor to be delivered), but other than that it functioned flawlessly.  The trigger/hammer sticking issue seems to have been fixed by cleaning up the […]

Fishing at Ramapo Lake

I spent my youth fishing.  Many weekends each summer were spent at my father’s parents house in Ocean City (New Jersey), each including a trip on one of the party boats for fluke.  During the week back home in Somerville, I would often head down to Peter’s Brook and spend the afternoons catching sunfish.

I don’t […]

Riding the Sussex Branch Trail

Today, Sheryl and I did about a 12 mile bike ride on the Sussex Branch Trail starting at Kittatinny Valley State Park.  The trail runs along a portion of the right of way of the old Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad’s Sussex Branch.  The tracks were removed decades ago, and all that is left is […]