Tried out the new pistol today... love it

I went up to Cherry Ridge today to try out my new pistol.  I picked up Bill on the way since he is also getting into firearms and was interested in checking out the range.

We put 400 rounds through my 10/22 (which was its usual reliable and accurate self) and 430 through the new MKIII.  […]

New Ruger MKIII Hunter

After a long wait for the local police precinct to process my pistol purchasing permit paperwork (yay consonance), I finally got the call that they were ready, and picked them up immediately.

I really enjoy my Ruger 10/22 rifle because I can shoot it all day without spending hundreds of dollars on ammunition, and the .22 […]

Laser Pistol for Kiwi

My cat Kiwi absolutely loves chasing laser pointer beams.  The only problem is that the tiny little watch batteries in the pointers run down and dim after only a few minutes.  I decided to build a better pointer.

I started by taking apart the laser pointer, where I found that it was powered by three little […]

Turns out they were mulberries

Turns out that this guy was eating Mulberries off of the Mulberry trees in the park.  I tried some and they are delicious.

What is this guy eating?

I looked outside and saw that there was a random man pulling berries off of the trees in the little slice of parkland between my house and the Garden State Parkway.  Weird.


Saw Sheryl off on her cruise

Sheryl’s aunt took her, her sister, and one of her cousins on a cruise to the Caribbean for a week or so.  The ship is the Carnival Miracle and today I went down to Hoboken to see it leaving New York’s west side cruise port.  There was quite a bit of traffic on the Hudson […]