Murray 12 HP Tractor

This was my first lawn tractor.  The first time I saw it, it was sitting unused at the home of one of my wife’s cousins.  One of her uncles noticed me checking it out, and a few weeks later, he brought it on over to my house.  After a quick jump start we had it running.  I was quite excited.  The model and serial numbers were printed on a sticker that did not age well.  I was never able to conclusively determine exactly what model or year the tractor was.  It appears that the Murray 12 hp / 38″ deck lawn tractor was produced in relatively the same configuration for a number of years.

The battery the tractor came to me with was from around the year 2000 and no longer held a charge.  After replacing that, it started right up and kept the battery charged while running.  While not designed for any rough work (it has plastic wheel rims for example) it was a nice reliable little tractor to cut the lawn with.

I used this tractor for one season before I was given a bigger Craftsman LT1000.  I delivered the Murray to another one of my wife’s uncles.  He continues to use it to pick up leaves.