Chrome PDF Reader sucks, here is how to turn it off

For a while now, Google has included built in PDF rendering capabilities within the Chrome Browser. I never liked this because while it is lightweight, it is missing many features that a real PDF reader should have. E.g.: You can’t rotate PDF files while viewing them, the printing options are far limited compared […]

Cablevision prepping PC to TV Media Relay

Cablevision has announced a new feature that they are calling “PC to TV Media Relay”, the idea of which is to stream the screen contents from a personal computer to a special channel on the customer’s cable box.  They are planning to get a technical trial going by June of this year.  From the press […]

Windows 7 System Image Backup Problem Fix

My personal computer has an Intel SSD for the boot drive (C:) and a RAID5 array for data storage (D:).  Because D: is a RAID5 array, it is fault tolerant.  If one of the three drives fails, I can replace it without losing any data.  C: is just a single drive, so if it failed […]

New Jersey State websites are down

I had some business to take care of on the New Jersey state websites today, but have been unable to for a while, as both and are down!  The two domains point to the same IP address,, which is unresponsive at this point.

Looks like someone dropped the ball down in Trenton!

Update: New […]

Radeon HD5970 in Antec CA900? Yes, it fits

If you are familiar with the ATI Radeon 5970, you know it is a powerful video card, and very large.  I was not sure that it would fit in my Antec CA900 case, but I was pleased to find that it does (with a little rearranging of components).

Magellan Sucks at Customer Service

Back in May, I purchased a Magellan Maestro 4370 to use as my primary GPS in the car.  The 4370 has a nice high resolution display, does a good job planning and optimizing multi-stop trips, supports Navteq’s real time TMC traffic, and has a nice quick processor to keep recalculations fast and usable.  When it […]

Fix for Hanns-G 28" Monitor and NVidia GPU Sleep Mode Problem on Vista/7

A while back, I picked up a Hanns-G HG281D 28″ LCD monitor. The monitor does not have the best black levels or viewing angle consistency, but the picture quality is not bad, and generally I would say that it offers a great value for the price.  There was one annoyance though… when hooked to […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Samsung Epix (with Video)

A few years back, I used the original Samsung Blackjack and loved it.  The Epix is the spiritual “Blackjack 3”, retaining the portrait alignment, non-rotating screen above an awesome non-sliding physical keyboard, while stepping up to a modern architecture running WM6.1 Pro.  I call the keyboard awesome because the tactile response and guaranteed button activation […]

Testing out remote posting

Just wanted to test out remote posting to the site via MoBlog on my Samsung Epix.

If you can see this, it worked!

If you are looking for a mobile blogging application for your Windows Mobile based phone, check out MoBlog at for more information.

Launching the new site

Well, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.  I take a lot of pictures, wanted to keep my friends and family up to date on what’s going on with Sheryl and I lately, both good reasons to set up the new site.  I might do some more back-dated additions to include the pictures […]