Goodbye Bagels-4-U of Denville; We'll Miss You

… not even a note goodbye.

Today, my wife needed to be in the city for work, so after dropping her off at the train station, I stopped for a bagel at my normal spot, Bagels-4-U of Denville.  They usually open at 5:30 and by now it was about 7 am, so when I […]

WDHA is off the air

Don’t know what is going on, but WDHA radio is off the air right now. Contest phone line is busy.

It is a bummer, because I am in the garage right now and want to rock.

Update: About an hour later they came back on the air.  Turns out that a brownout in the area knocked out […]

Google has too much time for Doodling

I have noticed lately that Google does a doodle for their logo very often…  Like all the time now.  It used to be that when there was a doodle, it was unexpected and interesting. But there have been SEVEN doodle logos THIS MONTH, so really none of them are unexpected any longer, and since there […]

Preproduction? Subaru BRZ Spotted

This afternoon, I happened to notice a Subaru BRZ in traffic.  That’s interesting, because they only went into production 13 days ago in Japan, and their US introduction is not scheduled until 4/20.  It appeared to be fully badged and was wearing a manufacturer plate (just the rear… New Jersey front plate laws be damned!). […]

Wikipedia upgrades software, all hell breaks loose

Wikipedia was upgrading its software to a current version of Mediawiki this morning.  Things do not seem to have gone so well…

Currently, requests to are timing out or returning the error message below. Hopefully they will get their systems sorted out quickly. While I am glad that they are trying to stay […]

You say potato, I say potato, let’s call the whole thing off (or not)

So, I am a New Jersian who frequently travels to Manhattan for both business and pleasure.  Due to the difficulty of traffic and parking in New York City, I prefer taking mass transit, so improved rail access to the city is something which I support.  When Governor Christie cancelled the ARC tunnel project, I was […]

Mayor blames state for closure

Rockaway Township’s mayor, Louis Sceusi says that the closure of the Splitrock Reservoir parking lot was a last ditch effort to get the state involved in cleaning up and policing the area.  He also says it is working.  Read more.

Friends of Splitrock Created

I have created the Friends of Splitrock, a community group with the goal of preserving and promoting access to the Splitrock Reservoir.

I will continue to post major updates on this issue here, but there will be a lot more information available over at the Friends of Splitrock website.  Already I have gotten some positive news […]

Rockaway Township barricades Splitrock Reservoir parking lot

I visited the Splitrock Reservoir this evening expecting to get some good fishing in.  I had been chased off the water early on both Friday and Saturday nights by thunderstorms moving into the area, but the temperature was back down to the mid-eighties today and the full moon was going to be coming up right […]

Cablevision prepping PC to TV Media Relay

Cablevision has announced a new feature that they are calling “PC to TV Media Relay”, the idea of which is to stream the screen contents from a personal computer to a special channel on the customer’s cable box.  They are planning to get a technical trial going by June of this year.  From the press […]