Bringing Sir Ed Home

Sheryl and I both grew up with dogs, and we have wanted one of our own for a very long time.  Now that we are in the new house with plenty of room for a dog and it is getting towards spring, we decided the time was right to get one.  Sheryl did some research […]

Cablevision prepping PC to TV Media Relay

Cablevision has announced a new feature that they are calling “PC to TV Media Relay”, the idea of which is to stream the screen contents from a personal computer to a special channel on the customer’s cable box.  They are planning to get a technical trial going by June of this year.  From the press […]

Five Guys variance application hearing postponed

As was previously discussed, the operators of the Shoppes at Union Hill want to bring a Five Guys restaurant to Denville, but require a zoning variance to allow the Five Guys to operate in an area prohibiting fast food restaurants.  I attended the zoning board meeting tonight in order to give my support for the […]

Five Guys coming to Denville, NJ? is reporting that the owners of the Shoppes at Union Hill on Route 10 in Denville have requested a zoning variance from the town in order to allow a Five Guys burger restaurant to open.  The variance request is because fast food restaurants are banned in the area.

Awesome!  The Shoppes at Union Hill are […]

Windows 7 System Image Backup Problem Fix

My personal computer has an Intel SSD for the boot drive (C:) and a RAID5 array for data storage (D:).  Because D: is a RAID5 array, it is fault tolerant.  If one of the three drives fails, I can replace it without losing any data.  C: is just a single drive, so if it failed […]

New Jersey State websites are down

I had some business to take care of on the New Jersey state websites today, but have been unable to for a while, as both and are down!  The two domains point to the same IP address,, which is unresponsive at this point.

Looks like someone dropped the ball down in Trenton!

Update: New […]