Google has too much time for Doodling

I have noticed lately that Google does a doodle for their logo very often…  Like all the time now.  It used to be that when there was a doodle, it was unexpected and interesting. But there have been SEVEN doodle logos THIS MONTH, so really none of them are unexpected any longer, and since there are so many, it seems that they are having a very hard time keeping them interesting as well.

Case in point: today’s doodle for Peter Carl Fabergé’s 166th Birthday

Google's Peter Carl Fabergé Doodle

Fabergé was famous for his jeweled Fabergé eggs, commissioned by Tsar Alexander III of Russia and his successors as gifts for their families between about 1885 and 1917. WHO CARES?!? Not a hero, not an inventor, just a person who was paid to create a symbol of excess for a head of state. How many of these existed throughout history? So Google is venerating Fabergé why? I could see this being a doodle just for or for some jewelry website, but honestly, what is the relavence of Peter Carl Fabergé to most people?

You know you have shareholders now, right Google? You should stop wasting money on this kind of stuff.

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