What is DICE doing to fix Bad Company 2 server issues?

So, let’s say you work for EA/DICE.  You have just shipped Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but all of the people (Xbox, PS3 and PC) who bought it have been unable to play it because your servers have been constantly crashing because they were not properly sized or load tested.

What do you do to fix the problem?  Apparently, you party.

DICE gets down at its party

I am *really* not clear on what is happening here. Perhaps something like in the Michael Jackson 'Bad' video?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for partying WHEN THE JOB IS DONE, but DICE has obviously dropped the ball when it comes to providing the services their customers have paid for… so get back to work!  How much money was spent on these golden jacketed dancers at last night’s event?  Maybe some of that should have been funneled to the Quality Assurance department.

From the Battlefield Blog:

Despite having a major infrastructure in place, the peak traffic this weekend has been huge, 400% higher than any other Battlefield’s peak simultaneous users.

Really? The game you had over 2 million demo downloads for and have been heavily advertising during prime-time television is popular? Huh, I guess nobody could have seen that one coming.

Get your house in order EA/DICE… you should be embarrassed.

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  • xR4D3


    How abou people get on ActiVisions case as well in regards to all the bullshit in MW2. These guys work their asses off, let them have their fun. Well deserved. The game is amazing and Fun as hell. The server part is up to EA.

  • xino

    I’m really p*ssed off with this!

    And I hope that somebody suits EA for this bullsh*!

    I experienced constant disconnections in the BETA demo, same thing goes to Demo on ps3.
    Now in finaly game, I rarely got disconnected but now I’m getting disconnected more and more often!
    Plus the farking game is region locked! the rooms are always half empty all the time! sometimes it could be 3 vs 2.

    Please somebody sue EA!

  • wicko

    Sorry but you really don’t have an argument here. I certainly don’t expect DICE to spend every waking hour trying to fix these problems. Not to mention, it wouldn’t take the entire team to fix the issues, just a handful of people. You haven’t said that every employee was there, nor is it likely you’d have proof of that anyway, so for all you know people *are* working on it. Also, a lot of issues are on EA’s side and Punkbuster’s side. Give these guys a break for cryin out loud..

  • kancerkid

    Yea, so DICE should have put a trillion servers in place, wasting loads of money, just to hold the massive capacity of launch week?

    I have had no problems AT ALL yet and I have more than 24 hours in.

    • Tom

      Not a trillion, but an appropriate amount to handle the load. I would not say it is wasted money, just the investment required to give people what they paid for.

  • sgougj

    EA is accountable for the services the servers are providing… and you should take a look at the twitter channel of bfbc2: Maintenance has finished on BFBC2 Xbox 360. Servers are accepting player logins again now.

    Apparently they worked while the party, too… They fixed the servers and everything just runs smooth now…

    Get your game right!

  • Bilbo T Baggins

    People like you really get up my nose.When are people going to realise that this thing we call ‘gaming’ is an industry, a business. It doesn’t make any sense to throw money at servers during a new games release only for those same servers to be left redundant when all the hype has calmed down. Every online game has to find its own community and until the people who ‘must have the latest game’ move on, a game will never have that community. EA and DICE are trying to find the balance between catering for everybody but not going mad with money that will ultimately be wasted in the long term on un-used servers (which need money to run and maintain), and having a stable economic online service which will last much longer than if they just emptied their pockets just to cater for wee whingey knickers YOU!. It’s a marathon! NOT a sprint. Me? I’m in it for the long haul. Keep up the fantastic work EA/DICE and show those MW Tw@s where its at!

    • Tom

      That’s just the thing, gaming is an industry now, a business. So, game companies should realize that when one purchase a game from them, it is a $60 contract between them for the content on the disc and the multiplayer experience that they advertise it contains. It was EA and DICE’s choice to design a game requiring centralized servers for multiplayer and it was also their choice to make this product available for sale now, so they need to get their infrastructure worked out or they are simply breaching their contract with the consumer.

      There are plenty of options for them to lease or partner with server providers for temporary capacity during the initial launch surge without the long term cost of purchasing, maintaining or housing these servers. They could have had extra capacity online within hours if capacity had been their only problem.

  • The server issues are all EA bro, nothing DICE can do about it. Sure they are both owned by EA, but its the network infrastructure that caused all of the disconnects.

  • Sly

    It’s region locked?! I bought this game with the hope making it my first foray into the online scene but that comment sure is a downer. I’m an optimistic pessimist so I hope this problem is rectified by the time I got my own internet connection. And hopefully there are still people playing it by then. I’m a pc gamer, so waiting for a patch or updates just after launch is kinda a second nature.

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