Google has too much time for Doodling

I have noticed lately that Google does a doodle for their logo very often…  Like all the time now.  It used to be that when there was a doodle, it was unexpected and interesting. But there have been SEVEN doodle logos THIS MONTH, so really none of them are unexpected any longer, and since there […]

Chrome PDF Reader sucks, here is how to turn it off

For a while now, Google has included built in PDF rendering capabilities within the Chrome Browser. I never liked this because while it is lightweight, it is missing many features that a real PDF reader should have. E.g.: You can’t rotate PDF files while viewing them, the printing options are far limited compared […]

Friends of Splitrock Created

I have created the Friends of Splitrock, a community group with the goal of preserving and promoting access to the Splitrock Reservoir.

I will continue to post major updates on this issue here, but there will be a lot more information available over at the Friends of Splitrock website.  Already I have gotten some positive news […]

Rockaway Township barricades Splitrock Reservoir parking lot

I visited the Splitrock Reservoir this evening expecting to get some good fishing in.  I had been chased off the water early on both Friday and Saturday nights by thunderstorms moving into the area, but the temperature was back down to the mid-eighties today and the full moon was going to be coming up right […]

What is DICE doing to fix Bad Company 2 server issues?

So, let’s say you work for EA/DICE.  You have just shipped Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but all of the people (Xbox, PS3 and PC) who bought it have been unable to play it because your servers have been constantly crashing because they were not properly sized or load tested.

What do you do to fix the […]

New Jersey State websites are down

I had some business to take care of on the New Jersey state websites today, but have been unable to for a while, as both and are down!  The two domains point to the same IP address,, which is unresponsive at this point.

Looks like someone dropped the ball down in Trenton!

Update: New […]

Magellan Sucks at Customer Service

Back in May, I purchased a Magellan Maestro 4370 to use as my primary GPS in the car.  The 4370 has a nice high resolution display, does a good job planning and optimizing multi-stop trips, supports Navteq’s real time TMC traffic, and has a nice quick processor to keep recalculations fast and usable.  When it […]