Goodbye Bagels-4-U of Denville; We'll Miss You

… not even a note goodbye.

Today, my wife needed to be in the city for work, so after dropping her off at the train station, I stopped for a bagel at my normal spot, Bagels-4-U of Denville.  They usually open at 5:30 and by now it was about 7 am, so when I […]

Dodge Viper Spun Out on Route 46 Being Cleared

I find that it is pretty rare that I see a Dodge Viper.  Rarer still is to see one crashed on Route 46 East in my town like I saw last night on my way home.  He was facing backwards, and there were long skid marks leading up to the wreck, so who knows how […]

Hurricane Irene brings record flooding to Denville

Hurricane Irene tore through Denville early this morning, bringing with it strong winds and torrential rain. Several trees in our neighborhood were uprooted or had large sections ripped off. The Rockaway River has been rising steadily all day and as I write this, the USGS gauge above the Boonton Reservoir is measuring 9.06′, much higher […]

Five Guys variance application hearing postponed

As was previously discussed, the operators of the Shoppes at Union Hill want to bring a Five Guys restaurant to Denville, but require a zoning variance to allow the Five Guys to operate in an area prohibiting fast food restaurants.  I attended the zoning board meeting tonight in order to give my support for the […]

Five Guys coming to Denville, NJ? is reporting that the owners of the Shoppes at Union Hill on Route 10 in Denville have requested a zoning variance from the town in order to allow a Five Guys burger restaurant to open.  The variance request is because fast food restaurants are banned in the area.

Awesome!  The Shoppes at Union Hill are […]