Five Guys variance application hearing postponed

As was previously discussed, the operators of the Shoppes at Union Hill want to bring a Five Guys restaurant to Denville, but require a zoning variance to allow the Five Guys to operate in an area prohibiting fast food restaurants.  I attended the zoning board meeting tonight in order to give my support for the Five Guys during the public hearing.  However, the whole Denville Planning Board was not in attendance, and the attorney for the Shoppes at Union Hill requested an adjournment until at time when the Chair would also be available.  The adjournment request was approved and the meeting is rescheduled for March 3rd at 7:00 pm.

Following the adjournment, I did have a chance to speak with the manager of the Shoppes at Union Hill and the Five Guys franchisee who would be opening the Denville location.  While they had originally been planning for an opening around May 1, 2010 this zoning delay pushes things back slightly, but they are still confident that an early summer opening is possible.  The franchisee is well versed with operating a Five Guys restaurant… the locations in Parsippany, Madison, and Wayne are also his.  After meeting with these two gentlemen, I am confident that the Five Guys in Denville would be a success, and plan on coming out on March 3rd to voice my thoughts at the public hearing.  You should too!

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