Preproduction? Subaru BRZ Spotted

This afternoon, I happened to notice a Subaru BRZ in traffic.  That’s interesting, because they only went into production 13 days ago in Japan, and their US introduction is not scheduled until 4/20.  It appeared to be fully badged and was wearing a manufacturer plate (just the rear… New Jersey front plate laws be damned!).  Since it is too late to make changes to the production cars, my guess is that this is a preproduction model that was shipped over here early for media use.

It was travelling North on Route 208 through Franklin Lakes, New Jersey when I pulled in behind it.  It merged onto Route 287 South and then exited at Skyline Drive.

Sorry, I did the best I could with the pictures… Not rolling my truck at 65 mph in rush hour traffic was my top priority.

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