Back from the range, malfunction seems to be gone

Just got back from the Bullet Hole after putting 350 rounds of different ammunition through my MKIII.  I had about 5 of the expected ejection problems (still waiting for my VQ extractor to be delivered), but other than that it functioned flawlessly.  The trigger/hammer sticking issue seems to have been fixed by cleaning up the […]

Tried out the new pistol today... love it

I went up to Cherry Ridge today to try out my new pistol.  I picked up Bill on the way since he is also getting into firearms and was interested in checking out the range.

We put 400 rounds through my 10/22 (which was its usual reliable and accurate self) and 430 through the new MKIII.  […]

Went to the range with Adam and Goose

Goose wanted to shoot some guns while he was in town, and we were happy to oblige.  Adam and I are members of the Cherry Ridge Range, so we headed up there for the afternoon. Both Adam and I shoot Ruger 10/22 rifles.  Mine is the scoped one with the 28″ barrel and Adam’s is […]