Fishing at Ramapo Lake

I spent my youth fishing.  Many weekends each summer were spent at my father’s parents house in Ocean City (New Jersey), each including a trip on one of the party boats for fluke.  During the week back home in Somerville, I would often head down to Peter’s Brook and spend the afternoons catching sunfish.

I don’t […]

Riding the Sussex Branch Trail

Today, Sheryl and I did about a 12 mile bike ride on the Sussex Branch Trail starting at Kittatinny Valley State Park.  The trail runs along a portion of the right of way of the old Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad’s Sussex Branch.  The tracks were removed decades ago, and all that is left is […]

Turns out they were mulberries

Turns out that this guy was eating Mulberries off of the Mulberry trees in the park.  I tried some and they are delicious.

What is this guy eating?

I looked outside and saw that there was a random man pulling berries off of the trees in the little slice of parkland between my house and the Garden State Parkway.  Weird.