Fix for Hanns-G 28" Monitor and NVidia GPU Sleep Mode Problem on Vista/7

A while back, I picked up a Hanns-G HG281D 28″ LCD monitor. The monitor does not have the best black levels or viewing angle consistency, but the picture quality is not bad, and generally I would say that it offers a great value for the price.  There was one annoyance though… when hooked to […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Samsung Epix (with Video)

A few years back, I used the original Samsung Blackjack and loved it.  The Epix is the spiritual “Blackjack 3”, retaining the portrait alignment, non-rotating screen above an awesome non-sliding physical keyboard, while stepping up to a modern architecture running WM6.1 Pro.  I call the keyboard awesome because the tactile response and guaranteed button activation […]