Scrambled Eggs with Perch Roe Recipe

I recently caught a number of Yellow Lake Perch which contained large sacks of roe. One of the old guys at my local bait and tackle place kept telling me how tasty it was to put the roe into scrambled eggs, so I wanted to try that out, but I was not able to […]

Wikipedia upgrades software, all hell breaks loose

Wikipedia was upgrading its software to a current version of Mediawiki this morning.  Things do not seem to have gone so well…

Currently, requests to are timing out or returning the error message below. Hopefully they will get their systems sorted out quickly. While I am glad that they are trying to stay […]

You say potato, I say potato, let’s call the whole thing off (or not)

So, I am a New Jersian who frequently travels to Manhattan for both business and pleasure.  Due to the difficulty of traffic and parking in New York City, I prefer taking mass transit, so improved rail access to the city is something which I support.  When Governor Christie cancelled the ARC tunnel project, I was […]