You say potato, I say potato, let’s call the whole thing off (or not)

So, I am a New Jersian who frequently travels to Manhattan for both business and pleasure.  Due to the difficulty of traffic and parking in New York City, I prefer taking mass transit, so improved rail access to the city is something which I support.  When Governor Christie cancelled the ARC tunnel project, I was disappointed.

It turns out that my disappointment was unfounded, and that Christie’s cancellation of the project was the right move.  Today Amtrak announced it is planning to build a very “Gateway” tunnel project very similar in route and purpose as the ARC tunnel, but to be built for Amtrak instead of NJ Transit and paid for almost entirely as a federal project instead of the largely by NJ tax payers.

So we New Jersians get our better rail tunnel (in 10+ years…) and don’t have to pay out the nose for it!  Good deal.

More Info:

Gov. Christie, Democratic U.S. senators scramble to take credit for Gateway tunnel project |

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