Bringing Sir Ed Home

Sheryl and I both grew up with dogs, and we have wanted one of our own for a very long time.  Now that we are in the new house with plenty of room for a dog and it is getting towards spring, we decided the time was right to get one.  Sheryl did some research online and we found out that Sheryl’s Den, a dog rescue organization based in West Milford, had a litter of pups that were going to be available soon.  They had been rescued from a high kill-rate shelter in Kentucky, where the litter had been dropped off with a note saying that they were Black Labrador / Border Collie mix pups.  After completing the application process and looking at the pictures, we chose one and brought him home today.

Meet Sir Ed!

Cute puppy

Sheryl and I spent our honeymoon in New Zealand.  We named our cat Kiwi and wanted to stick with the New Zealand theme when naming the dog, so Sir Ed is named for Sir Edmund “Sir Ed” Hillary, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, New Zealand native, the first known explorer to reach the summit of Mount Everest.  Sir Edmund, a national hero to the New Zealand people, passed away at the age of 88 while Sheryl and I were on our honeymoon.  The genuine feeling of loss in the country, while sad, was refreshing to see being felt for an explorer and philanthropist rather than an actor or musician as happens in the United States.

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2 comments to Bringing Sir Ed Home

  • Aunt Linda & Gram

    He is adorable! Very black! Kiwi was interested, we had a good laugh at him pacing around waqtching what Sir Ed was doing. Much happiness with him…he is so cute, that little black nose, hard to see his eyes. I like the name, and what it stands for, always a memory of your honeymoon…great…happy for the 4 of you luv u both!

  • Karen, Vic, Adam & Kevin

    WELCOME EDDIE!!! He’s so cute!!! Lots of fun time with him.

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