Corruption Bust Update

So, it turns out that my barber went to high school with Pete Cammarano, putting me a scant two degrees away from yesterday’s corruuption busts! More Jersey small-worldness…

Huge corruption busts going down in Hoboken

So, Hoboken’s brand new mayor Peter Cammarano and dozens of other officials just got arrested for corruption!  It sounds like they have him dead-to-rights… even accepting $10,000 from an undercover operative last Thursday.

According to the Times, Cammarano was quoted earlier in the investigation as saying

Right now, the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down. […]

Hah, small world

So, I’m at the wedding of one of Sheryl’s friends, and who do I see? Mr. Ollio, my 7th grade math / high school homeroom teacher! His crazy haircut hasn’t changed in the 9 years since I last saw him… it is good to know that you can still count on some things.