New Ruger MKIII Hunter

After a long wait for the local police precinct to process my pistol purchasing permit paperwork (yay consonance), I finally got the call that they were ready, and picked them up immediately.

I really enjoy my Ruger 10/22 rifle because I can shoot it all day without spending hundreds of dollars on ammunition, and the .22 Long Rifle cartridge has plenty of stopping power for the paper targets and metal silhouettes that I like to shoot.  So knowing that, I was sure that I wanted to add a .22LR pistol to my collection.  After shopping around and considering the Browning Buckmark, Walther P22 and several other models, I settled on the Ruger MKIII. Of the Rugers, I felt that the 6 7/8″ Hunter was the best.  It has a fluted target barrel, all stainless steel construction, and adjustable fiber optic target sights.

So, today I went over to Melter’s Sporting Goods where Ernie helped me out with the purchase.  I’m quite happy with the new addition!

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